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5 Types of jewelry must have in your jewelry collection

Hearing the name of jewellery brings a smile on the face of women and why not? Jewelry is also considered one of the 16 adornments of the women. In the earlier times, you must have seen that the queen may not have anything more, but the jewellery is much more because  this was the only thing that would enhance their beauty, or even today jewelry has become the reason for the beauty of the women.

Now, time has changed and many new designs of jewelry have come and ways to wear them.There are alot women still who like to wear heavy jewelry but some like to wear lighter pieces of jewelry.

But there are some jewelry that are useful on every occasion. Let’s have a look:-

  • Silver jewelry/ Oxidised jewelry:

If we talk about oxidised or silver jewelry, it will be my favorite part because I really love this kind of jewelry and not only me! Today’s generation of women or girls like it so much. 

The best part of it is that its color is such that it will never let you feel that it is old. You can wear it in traditional and western outfits.

  • Golden Jewelry:

Golden jewelry is jewelry that will never go out of fashion. It gives you a rich look. Most women wear it in marriage or any big function. Golden jewelry feels connected to its culture or rituals. 

  • Earring Studs:

So,there are so many women who don’t like to wear neck pieces and if you are one of them then earring studs are for you. I would consider you that there should be earring studs in your jewelry collection. 

It’ll give you a classic or elegant look. Studs are easily available in the market or in various colour collections. The best part of the studs you can wear on a daily basis or as well as in your office.

  • Hoops Earing:

Buying a hoops earring is the best investment in your jewelry collection. You look more beautiful and stylish whenever you wear these hoops. 

Now hoops come in various designs like sea hoops, Color hoops and also embellished diamond hoops.This earring comes in many sizes, big, small and medium. You can buy it according to your face size and choice. 

  • Pendant Necklace:

Pendant necklace is good for daily wear. You can style this pendant necklace in many ways. You can wear a long chain with a small pendant on a plain white top.

I know you will definitely look stunning wearing this kind of thing. You can use it with combined jewelry like rings or earrings and if you want some girly look then it must be in your collection.


Fashion comes and goes and this is how your choices also change. Fashion changes every week but you have to decide what suits you. Use every trendy jewelry and check in what you feel comfortable with. 

I must say that nothing will make you beautiful until you feel confident from inside.

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