Evolution of Fashion World over the years!

In this world, nothing is constant. World keeps moving. New ideas overcome the old ones. So, how will the fashion industry stay behind? Fashion and style never remains the same, it always changes! If we talk about fashion it was started off in ancient times. 

Ancient time fashion was very different from today’s. At that period, fashion was all about culture. But as the years went by, fashion became a crucial part of lifestyle. The main reason behind the evolution would be people’s views. 

Medieval Era

Let’s press the fast forward button and look into the fashion world of the royals. The medieval era could be called the thrilling time in fashion. The kings and queens were the fashion models for the common people.  

Medieval could be mentioned as the era of finest fabrics, colors, layers, jewelry, in fact lots and lots of jewelry.  From head to toe, the royals were covered in the jewelry. If you are in their good books then there are high chances of getting their jewelry in your hand still not affecting their jewelry box. 

The looks of royals had a great effect on the common people. The richer people get, the higher standards of living started to define them. After the medieval era, there came the modern era. The time of 1960’s, was responsible for the emergence of skirts, suits, pastel colors, geometric shapes. 

Modern Era

The end of the 1960’s brought back the “hippie” style. 1970’s was famous for the disco dancer look, the 1980’s welcomed the bright colors with loose shirts, leggings, leg warmers. But 1990’s was the period when a person didn’t care how he/she looked and was happy in his/her comfortable zone. Fashion trends don’t change automatically, it’s the people’s views. Nowadays, people want to look good, because they want to look good in the eyes of the people. Society has become the biggest fashion critic. 

Fashion is crazy!

In this 21st century, celebrities and models have made a great impact in the fashion industry. Fashion is crazy! All you think about the perfect dress, body, jewelry, shoes. You can imagine the craziness just by looking at the celebrities. If any of them wears something comfortable which is not so fashionable, then the fashion critic will give them the title of the worst dressed celebrity. 

This era had a unique way of style. Sometimes it depends on the culture. Some go with the trend of wearing more jewelry, shiny clothes and all. But there are some who prefer to wear stylish clothes without any jewelry or anything. 

Fashion or style means different to different people. If some find it in stylish accessories, some find it in a simple lifestyle. Fashion should be followed through heart, as it is not about going in the same direction where the crowd is going. It’s everyone’s personal choice what, how and when to carry any accessory.  In the end fashion is all about how you want to look in your eyes, Your fashion defines you!

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